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Guidelines for Patient

In-Patient Guide


Admission to Hospital:
Take hospital admission and relevant certificates to nurse station→Measure temperature→ Be screened  by the chief of inpatient department→ Perform formalities at Financial Department→ Return to nurse station→ Get a bed→ Receive treatment in hospital.

Discharge from Hospital:
Get discharge notice→ Go to Financial Department with deposit receipt and meal card to pay for hospital expense & meal cost after 9:00 on the discharge day→ Get a list from nurse station in Inpatient Department→ Return hospital gown, borrowed things and key to the hospital→ Leave the hospital before 10:00.

Shift to Other Hospital:
Patient receives notice of shift to other hospital or requests to shift to other hospital→ Contact new hospital to secure a bed→ Patient with medical insurance gets shift notice of medical insurance, those infected by communicable diseases should follow Regulations on the Prevention and Treatment of Communicable Diseases.