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Guidelines for Patient

Out-Patient Guide


Beijing Massage Hospital is a specialized hospital subordinated to China Disabled Person’s Federation. As there are blind therapists working in the hospital, the hospital has a special working procedure. Please read and follow the below information.
  1. To shorten your waiting time, please take your registration number on time. Both initial-visit and subsequent-visit patients should all wait to visit the doctors according to the registration number. (For initial visit, the patients should fill out a form at the reception desk and get treatment card at registration room. See the service procedure chart.)
  2. First-visit patient should get diagnosis and treatment plan from consulting doctors. After the treatment is paid, the patient can swipe the treatment card to get treatment scrip. With the scrip, the patient can get treatment from therapists and make an appointment with the therapist for next time.
  3. For subsequent-visit patient, if there is still treatment in the card, the patient can use the card to get treatment scrip directly from the counter, and get treatment from therapists.
  4. Patients with the following requirements all should do registration and follow the nurse’s guidance to get medical service, such as:
To continue the treatment after a complete course,
To get additional treatment, medicine, examination, certificate of diagnosis, certificate for sick leave, hospitalized notice, etc.
  5. Clinic time
  Summer: 7:30-11:45; Winter: 7:30-11:45
  Summer: 13:30-16:30; Winter: 13:30-16:30
  Summer: 18:00-22:30; Winter: 18:00-22:00

Notice: Every Tuesday:
    Summer: 7:30-11:45,13:30-18:00,19:00-22:30
    Winter:  7:30-11:45,13:30-18:00,19:00-22:00